“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” Instructions

First-time customers, before purchasing projections –
Download these .mp4 videos to test with your computer, presentation software, and video projector/screen.

Make sure the clips play on your equipment and look good on your stage-projection screen.

Test Clip 1 Seamless-Loop

This is a “Seamless-Loop” a clip that will loop as long as it is playing on your computer/presentation-software. As you play the clip experiment by fading in and out of the clip and maybe dissolving to Clip 2.

Test Clip 2 Loop

This is a 30 second “Loop” clip. If this clip “repeats” there will be a slight “jump” as the loop starts playing again from the beginning. To achieve smooth repeats (if more time is needed on stage) add multiple iterations of the loop clip to your presentation software’s playback queue and use a dissolve transition between them. Experiment and make this clip play for a couple of minutes or more doing smooth dissolve transitions between the clips.

Presentation-Software that is known to work with Animated Projections:

For MAC:

For PC:

Click the button below labeled GO TO FORM you’ll be taken to a page listing our COMPLETE COLLECTION as well as INDIVIDUAL CLIPS. There are no charges incurred and no obligation to order. You are only choosing clips of interest that you feel will enhance your production. The form will be sent to us; we’ll then get in touch with more details.

And don’t forget you are welcome to Mix-&-Match from different collections. Just go to another Collection’s Form page, fill it out and send it to us as well. Check the box on the Form to let us know that’s it’s a “Mix-&-Match Request.”

Till then, let your imagination soar! The button is just below the image.




By clicking the “Go To Form” button below, you are agreeing you have downloaded and tested the demo clips on your system and understand there are no refunds.  If you agree then….

Thanks for being our customer, it is sincerely appreciated. Please click the “Go To Form” button below to complete your order or view the collection’s individual clips.