Is it possible to display Animated Projections without “presentation-software” like QLab or vMix?

It may be possible but whatever program you use it must have a way to “Queue” (line-up) multiple clips in the order you prefer and to be able to “Fade-In and Fade-Out” to black. Also it’s VERY important to be able to do “Dissolves” (transition smoothly from one clip to another clip). This is very important for “Loop” clips, in that some “Loop” clips are not perfectly seamless, so it’s best to “overlap” multiple loops back to back and dissolve between them if more time is needed on stage. This will ease any “jump” in the end of the clip. There are clips labeled “seamless loop” these clips will loop seamlessly without any “jump” as the clip repeats. Most important of all, the program must be able to play an .mp4 file.

Are there any other programs like QLab or vMIX that one could use?

Pro Presenter, which is available for PC & MAC, has been used with success. Some folks have mentioned they have used KeyNote for the MAC and it worked for them. Some have used iMovie, even thought it’s used for video editing and not really “presentation” software. Once again if the program will play/loop an .mp4 file, let you sequence your clips in the order you need and will do fades & dissolves it might work just fine. Now you may not be able to queue sound effects at the same time though, like with QLab or vMIX. There may well be other programs that will work just fine but these are the one that have been mentioned most often by those that have purchased Animated Projections. This is the reason I send a free clip to potential customers so they can test it with their system/software to make sure the clip will look and play correctly and can be manipulated by the software as needed.

Is music included with your animation?

No, music is not included.

Are discounts available?

All of our “Complete Collections” are already heavily discounted. Some collections by as much as $1,000.00 USD. Individual clips, while cheaper than complete collections, are not discounted.

What video projectors do you recommend?

Simply put…the brightest you can afford with at least 1080x720p “native” resolution.

Are video screens important?

The projection surface is very important. That said most specialized video screens are very expensive. If you can afford that type of screen it can make a huge difference. Just be aware that a bright, white, clean surface will go a long way in making a brighter image for an audience to enjoy.

Can I do “rear-projection” with these projections?

You could do rear-projection with the clips. Of course you would need to “flip” the screen direction in your video projector’s set-up menu. There is usually not enough room to fill a large screen from the back of a stage. One could work with mirrors and such but it would be very difficult. That said one purchaser was able to do a rear-screen production. He had the advantage of working in a large multi-purpose area and had plenty of distance from the screens to make it work.

What are these files I’m buying?

The files you are purchasing are designated as .mp4. MP4 is a file format created by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) as a multimedia container format designed to store audiovisual data. In our case video only, no audio is embedded in the files you purchase. These files are known to play on both MAC and PC (Windows) computers.

The files are rendered at 30 frames-per-second, 1080 x 720 pixels in size, with a Variable bit-rate of 14-20 million bps in the NTSC broadcast standard. They are formatted in the 16×9 HD aspect ratio. Be aware that although these clips are rendered to NTSC standards they have been used in PAL countries with no problem and great success.

These files are, for all intents and purposes, video clips. Most all clips animate. A very small percentage may not, only because there is nothing in the scene that would normally be in motion. All files are reviewable in their entirety on the ORDER-FORM page, this way you know exactly what you are getting. Be aware the “reviewable” files are lower in quality, 2-5 million bps, than the “actual” files you will be purchasing. Don’t forget we have full-resolution “Test-Clips” available for free to download and test with your projection-system so you can check the quality for yourself before purchasing.

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