Terms of Service

Terms of Service You, or anyone associated with this purchase or production, cannot re-sell or give away any of the clips in your order. You may use the clips for any subsequent production or any other production for which the clips may be appropriate for a period of up to 1 year after date of purchase. Clips are sold, as is, and all sales are final, no refunds. Animated Projections reserves the right to alter a clip’s title or content without notice. Before you purchase our clips you should:

  • Play the test clip on the computer that you will be using for your show to make sure it will work.
  • Make sure the software you are using to run your show works with our clip. Your show software should be able to, among other things, “Fade-In and Fade-Out” (most likely to black) and “Dissolve” between two clips.
  • View the test clip on the video projector you will be using for your show.

Credits on screen and print should read:

Digital Backdrops designed by
Animated Projections.com
Created & Rendered with iClone software

©2021 Animated Projections